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(1886-1962) Jamaican editor, poet, journalist and author, in USA 1904-1949, initially involved in American literary life, who also wrote as by Stephen Endicott; his first book, Pierrot Wounded (coll 1919) was a volume of poems inspired by his apparently unfulfilled relationship with Edna St Vincent Millay; in his later career he became a significant advocate for Jamaican independence. He is credited as having written the first African American mystery novel in English, The Haunting Hand (1929), a weird fiction with hints of the supernatural. Of more direct sf interest is The Mind Reader: A Mystery (July 1927-January 1928 Ghost Stories; 1929), whose protagonist must combat his Antihero brother's attempts to use his occultish Psi Powers to rule the world. [JC]

Walter Adolphe Roberts

born Kingston, Jamaica: 15 October 1886

died Jamaica: 14 September 1962

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