Robu, Cornel

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(1938-2016) Romanian lecturer in literature (at Cluj-Napoca University) and sf critic, some of whose many articles have appeared in English, including "A Key to Science Fiction: The Sublime" (Spring 1988 Foundation #42) and "Milestones in Postwar Romanian Science Fiction" (Summer 1990 Foundation). Panorama romanului românesc contemporan: 1944-1974 ["Panorama of the Contemporary Romanian Novel: 1944-1974"] (1974) with Ion Vlad is a useful survey, and includes sf authors. He edited the first reprint and critical edition (1986), with afterword in English, of the early Romanian sf novel În anul 4000 sau O cǎlǎtorie la Venus ["In the Year 4000, or A Voyage to Venus"] (1899) by Victor Anestin, and also edited the anthology of Romanian sf Timpul este umbra noastrǎ: Science-fiction românesc dinultimele douǎ decenii: Antologie comentatǎ ["Time is Our Shadow: Romanian Science Fiction 1969-1989: Anthology with Commentary"] (anth 1991), with an afterword in English. For the second edition of this encyclopedia Robu wrote the entry on Romania (which he substantially updated for the current edition) and contributed ideas to that on Sense of Wonder. [PN]

Cornel Robu

born Sighișoara, Romania: 23 September 1938

died Cluj-Napoca, Romania: 27 October 2016


works as editor


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