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(1954-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "A Peaceful Heart" in Aboriginal Science Fiction for May-June 1989; the Changeling sequence, beginning with Harvest of Changelings (2007), is fantasy. Of sf interest is The Wild Boy (2001), an Invasion tale in which spacefaring Extraterrestrials turn Earth in a kind of planetary Zoo as the first stage in their plans to Uplift Homo sapiens into emotional maturity: defined in terms of the domesticated tranquility required for humans to serve as elevated pets. The protagonist is a human "dog" who has disobeyed his masters – echoes of Thomas M Disch's Mankind Under the Leash (1966 dos; vt The Puppies of Terra 1978) may be presumed to be deliberate, particularly when Satirical points are being made – and his life in exile, with feral humans, is narrated cagily. [JC]

Warren Gary Rochelle

born Durham, North Carolina: 21 November 1954





  • Harvest of Changelings (Urbana, Illinois: Golden Gryphon Press, 2007) [Changelings: hb/Matt Hughes]
  • The Called (Urbana, Illinois: Golden Gryphon Press, 2010) [Changelings: hb/"Tommy-Boy" Canty]

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