Roscoe, Theodore

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(1906-1992) US biographer, naval historian and author whose I'll Grind Their Bones (1936) is a locked-room mystery set in a Near Future Europe about to go to war. Of fairly moderate genre interest are the Thibaut Corday stories, featuring the eponymous Pulp magazines hero in exotic adventures; they are assembled in The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh [and] The Bearded Slayer (coll circa 1939), Monkey See, Monkey Do [and] Terror Stalks the Mangroves (anth circa 1939), the second story being by Eustace L Adams, and The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh (coll 1981), the latter title assembling earlier material. Novels of interest which have not yet appeared in book form include "War Declared" (27 April-8 June 1935 Argosy), "Remember Tomorrow" (16 September-21 October 1939 Argosy). [JC]

Theodore Roscoe

born Rochester, New York: 20 February 1906

died Florida: 29 May 1992



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