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(1960-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Closet Enlightenment" in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy for Summer 1989, much of her subsequent work also being fantasy; she founded and edited Yard Dog Press, through which she publishes some of her work, in 1997. Series of sf interest include the Queen of Denial sequence of Planetary Romance tales beginning with Queen of Denial (1999); the Chains sequence, beginning with Chains of Freedom (2001), which is Military SF set in a Space Opera venue; and the Holmes & Storm sequence, beginning with Bad Lands (2007), a homage to Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, reconstrued so fit into a universe where paranormal powers are usual.

Individual works of sf interest include The Boat Man (1999), a novella set in a Near Future America dominated by the elderly; Fire & Ice (2001), a police procedural set in a Near Future Dystopian America dominated by fundamentalism (see Religion), with degenerates (ie gays and lesbians) forced to bear identifying marks, like Jews in Nazi Germany; Hammer Town (2002), another police procedural whose heroine is a Cyborg Superhero; Reruns (2004), in which an ex-star in a Television superhero series is transformed into the genuine article; Strange Robby (2007), again set in the Near Future, is a police procedural, one of whose protagonists is an empath (see ESP). Several further titles are similarly constructed, but are fantasy. The Bubbas sequence of anthologies assembles stories, usually affectionately comic, about amiable bumbling guys from the South who sometimes show more substance than expected of them. [JC]

Selina Rosen

born 2 February 1960





  • Host (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 1997) [Host: pb/]
  • Fright Eater (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 1998) [Host: pb/]
  • Gang Approval (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 1999) [Host: pb/]

Queen of Denial

  • The Queen of Denial (Decatur, Georgia: Meisha Merlin Publishing, 1999) [Queen of Denial: pb/Don Maitz]
  • Recycled (Decatur, Georgia: Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2003) [Queen of Denial: pb/Don Maitz]


Sword Masters

  • Sword Masters (Calgary, Alberta: Dragon Moon Press, 2008) [Sword Masters: pb/John Kaufman]
  • Jabone's Sword (Calgary, Alberta: Dragon Moon Press, 2009) [Sword Masters: pb/John Kauffman]
  • The Burden of the Crown (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 2015) [Sword Masters: pb/]

Holmes & Storm

Duncan and Malory

individual titles

  • Memories Lost (Decatur, Georgia: Meisha Merlin Publishing, 1999) [pb/]
  • Fire & Ice (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 2001) [pb/]
  • Hammer Town (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 2002) [pb/Brand Whitlock]
  • Reruns (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 2004) [pb/Sherri Dean]
  • Strange Robby (Decatur, Georgia: Meisha Merlin Publishing, 2006) [hb/Hoang Nguyen]

collections and stories

works as editor




individual titles


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