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Working name of US author Charles Warren Rothman (1952-    ), who began publishing sf with "The Munij Deserters" for Asimov's in 1982. Quarnian Dow, protagonist of his sf novel Staroamer's Fate (1986), has a Precognitive talent of uncertain value (when first encountered she is moneyless and near-desperate); this ability leads her unerringly to Earth's long-lost Generation Starship the Staroamer [sic] but fails to predict ensuing complications, once aboard, with descendants of the original crew. The sequel is Syron's Fate (2003 ebook). [JC/DRL]

Charles Warren Rothman

born Southold, New York: 22 August 1952




Quarnian Dow

  • Staroamer's Fate (New York: Warner Questar, 1986) [Quarnian Dow: pb/Enric]
  • Syron's Fate (Waianae, Hawaii: Embiid Publishing, 2003) [ebook: Quarnian Dow: na/]


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