Rouff, Marcel

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(1877-1936) Swiss-born French author of a Future History, Voyage au monde à l'envers (1 October-15 November 1920 Mercure de France; 1923; trans Brian Stableford as Journey to the Inverted World 2011), whose aviator narrator, having disappeared from a Europe convulsed by World War One, finds himself in Australia two millennia hence, which he discovers to be a socialist Utopia where Gender and Sex issues have been radically thought through, creating a kind of paradise. As so often, however, utopia can only exist by exiling those who cannot tolerate (in this case) sexual freedom; dissidents are confined to a small territory (see Keep) from which they cannot escape. The narrator returns to 1918 with his memoirs, which comprise a remarkably detailed Future History, during which advances in Technology and sweeping changes, some cataclysmic, are vividly portrayed. [JC]

Marcel Rouff

born Geneva, Switzerland: 1877

died Paris: 1936



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