Ruck, Berta

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(1878-1978) Indian-born author, in UK from an early age, married to Oliver Onions (1873-1961) [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]; of some interest for stories published in various collections such as The Post-War Girl and Other Stories (coll 1922), A Wish a Day (coll 1956) and Sherry and Ghosts (coll 1961). Of more direct sf interest is The Immortal Girl (1925), whose 45-year old protagonist takes a Drug that rejuvenates her – Serge Voronoff's monkey gland treatment is mentioned – but at too great a cost, as the men she desires are repelled by any knowledge of her true age and potential Immortality. [JC]

Amy Roberta Ruck

born Murree, Punjab, India: 2 August 1878

died Aberdyfi, Wales: 11 August 1978




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