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(1922-2016) French medical doctor and author, usually as by Kurt Steiner, though sometimes as by Kurt Wargar or André Louvigny, and intermittently under his own name. Most of his early work is horror, and has not been translated; of sf interest is the Ortog sequence comprising Aux Armes d'Ortog ["Ortog's Call to Arms"] (1960) and Ortog et les Ténèbres ["Ortog and the Shadows"] (1969), both assembled as Ortog (omni trans Brian Stableford 2010), a Science Fantasy epic set in a future Earth featuring space travel in a Medieval Futurism frame. Ruellan remained active well into the twenty-first century. [JC]

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André Ruellan

born Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine, France: 7 August 1922

died Paris: 10 November 2016

works (very highly selected)



  • Aux Armes d'Ortog (Paris: Anticipation, 1960) as by Kurt Steiner [Ortog: binding unknown/]
  • Ortog et les Tenebres ["Ortog and the Shadows"] (Paris: Anticipation, 1969) as by Kurt Steiner [Ortog: binding unknown/]
    • Ortog (Encino, California: Black Coat Press, 2010) as by Kurt Steiner [omni trans by Brian Stableford of the above two: Ortog: pb/David Seeley]


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