Russen, David

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(fl 1702-1703) UK author of an extended book-review published in book form, Iter Lunare: Or, A Voyage to the Moon: Containing Some Considerations on the Nature of that Planet, the Possibility of getting thither, With Other Pleasant Conceits about the Inhabitants, their Manners and Customs (1703). The book reviewed was Selenarchia: The Government of the World in the Moon, the title given to the 1659 English translation of Cyrano de Bergerac's Histoire comique, par Monsieur de Cyrano Bergerac, contenant les états et empires de la lune (1657). Though he registers his pleasure with the text, and agrees with Cyrano that the Moon may be inhabited, Russen criticizes him on scientific grounds, and speculates on the mechanics of other possible systems for travel to the Moon, noting the likelihood of a lack of air on the way. [PN]

David Russen





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