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(1888-1956) UK author, mostly of Children's SF; several of his Lost Race tales, some clearly influenced by H Rider Haggard, are of interest. They include the Honor Lang sequence, beginning with The Ring of Nenuphar (1943), which climaxes in China. He also published several singletons, including The Golden Mirage (1938), which focuses on treasure; The Khan's Carpet (1940), set in the Hindu Kush, mainly Underground; and The Cave of Winds (1947), set in an enclave under the ice in the Antarctic inhabited by descendants of ancient Phoenicians. His other sf focuses on Inventions which have either been created for nefarious purposes, or are sought after by Villains; they include The Exploding Ray (1945), The Crimson Rust (1946) and Valley of Doom (1947) [JC]

Cecil Bernard Rutley

born London: 31 July 1888

died Basingstoke, Hampshire: 20 September 1956



Honor Lang

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