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(1958-    ) Japanese-born reviewer and author, in USA from an early age, who began publishing sf with "Gamester" for Questar in 1981; his short work appeared in various magazines through the 1980s, and his has published occasionally in the twenty-first century; as reviewer, he has published nearly thirty columns as regular reviewer of the Guest Reference Library series for Analog, beginning with the March 2009 issue. Much of his fiction has been contributed to the loose Scattered Worlds sequence, initiated by his first novel, The Leaves of October (August 1983 Analog; much exp 1988; exp vt The Leaves of October: A Novel of the Scattered Worlds 2010 ebook), which competently presents a vision of a Forerunner civilization of Aliens now manifest as sentient trees, who attempt to help humanity through the evolutionary crisis of the current era. Further instalments include Dance for the Ivory Madonna (2002), a Near Future tale set mostly in a balkanized America after AIs have barred humanity access to Cyberspace, A Voice in Every Wind (coll 2003), Weaving the Web of Days: A Tale of the Scattered Worlds (2004) a Space Opera novella set in a disintegrated Galactic Empire and A Rose from Old Terra: A Novel of the Scattered Worlds (2007) also set in the Long Night of interregnum.

Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three (anth 1990), which Sakers edited and to which he contributed two stories, is a Shared-World anthology based on a Filk by Leslie Fish, about a ghost haunting a Space Station; Gaylaxicon Sampler 2006 (anth 2006) and QSpec Sampler 2007 (anth 2007) present an array of tales dealing with various forms of Sex, Gender and Transgender SF issues. [JC]

Don Sakers

born Yokosuka, Japan: 16 June 1958




Scattered Worlds Universe

individual titles (selected)

  • Curse of the Zwilling (Linthicum, Maryland: Speed-Of-C Productions, 2003) [pb/from Caspar David Friedrich]


  • Meat and Machine (Linthicum, Maryland: Speed-Of-C Productions, 2014) [coll: pb/Jovi Robert]


works as editor


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