Salterberg, B J

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(1934-    ) US author of The Outlander: Captivity (1989), the powerful first volume of a trilogy that seems unlikely now to be completed. In a Ruined Earth environment, a matriarchal society attempts to survive assaults from a nearby patriarchal society based on agonistic martial behaviour. Interestingly, in its treatment of men under their control, the matriarchy mirrors "normal" male prejudices against women. The clear Feminist arguments of the text are placed, therefore, within a complex pattern of argument. The male protagonist, a captive, suffers and experiences (see Sex) a varied life, and learns much. It is to be hoped that sequels exist, or are contemplated. The author, whose given names are invariably presented as initials, is female. [JC]

B J Salterberg

born 1934




The Outlander

  • The Outlander: Captivity (Tucson, Arizona: Harbinger House, 1989) [series projected but not continued: The Outlander: pb/]


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