Sanders, Scott Russell

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(1945-    ) US teacher and author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Touch the Earth" for Edges (anth 1980) edited by Ursula K Le Guin; most of his work has been nonfiction, much of comprising nature studies set in America. His first novel, Terrarium (1985), is set in a Near Future America whose human population has retreated from the polluted world into domed Cities (see Keep); the tale neatly expresses some late-twentieth-century guilts and their redemption, for the few humans who leave the domes find a rejuvenated Nature outdoors (see Ecology). The Engineer of Beasts (1988), a Young Adult tale, is concerned with Genetic Engineering. The Invisible Company (1989) examines the cost of maintaining a colony of immortals (see Immortality) in a place called Paradise Island, to which the protagonist is ominously called. [JC]

Scott Russell Sanders

born Memphis, Tennessee: 26 October 1945


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