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(1952-    ) Scottish solicitor and author, almost entirely of crime novels, the most prominent of these being the Shardlake sequence set during the reign of Henry VIII. He is of sf interest for Dominion (2012), an Alternate History tale set in a 1950s Europe where victorious Germany's client states are governed by Vichy-style regimes (see Hitler Wins); the Jonbar Point that enables this world is that Lord Halifax (rather than Winston Churchill) takes over as prime minister of Britain after Neville Chamberlain resigns in May 1940. After the war, a resistance movement is headed by Churchill. Sansom's depiction of home-grown fascists, fellow travellers and racists (see Race in SF) evoked some negative comments in rightwing UK journals. Dominion was given a Sidewise Award in 2013. [JC]

Christopher John Sansom

born Edinburgh, Scotland: 1952


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