Savarin, Julian Jay

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(1950-    ) Dominican-born musician and author, in the UK since his teens. His Lemmus trilogy – Lemmus One: Waiters on the Dance (1972), Lemmus Two: Beyond the Outer Mirr (1976) and Lemmus Three: Archives of Haven (coll of linked stories 1977) – is an expansive Space Opera in which GOD (the Galactic Organization and Dominions), run by a Forerunner civilization, experimentally settles Terra with people who will evolve in isolation (see Adam and Eve; Shaggy God Story). Explanations are offered for the Judeo-Christian tradition, the fall of Atlantis, etc. Arena (1979) involves folk from various times in a mighty struggle. Savarin afterwards turned to thrillers, though occasionally he moved into the fantastic, as with Starfire (2000), a Technothriller in which a Russian Scientist attempts to create, through Genetic Engineering, watchdog plants, and Summer of the Eagle (2005), in which a Mutant strain of DNA is developed with genocide in mind. [JC]

Julian Jay Savarin

born Commonwealth of Dominica: 1950





individual titles

  • Arena (London: Robert Hale Limited, 1979) [hb/]
  • Starfire (Sutton, Surrey: Severn House, 2000) [hb/]


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