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Initially the personal pseudonym of UK author W Howard Baker, under which he wrote many titles for Amalgamated Press, mainly stories in the Sexton Blake series before the cancellation of its fourth series in 1964 (see Sexton Blake Library). He then took the name to Mayflower Books, where the series continued, written by him and others under what was now a House Name. The claims of Scottish writer Wilfred McNeilly to have written most of the Saxon titles are unjustified (see entries on Baker and McNeilly for their Peter Saxon work). Other writers who used the name included Rex Dolphin, Stephen Frances, Ross Richards and Martin Thomas. Titles of sf interest not by Baker or McNeilly include The Slave Brain (1967), Black Honey (1968) and Corruption (1968), whose authors have not been identified, and some titles in the Guardians psychic-investigators sequence: Through the Dark Curtain (1968) by Richards, The Curse of Rathlaw (1968) by Martin and The Vampires of Finistère (1970) by Dolphin. The most memorable Saxon title (written by Baker with Frances) may be The Disoriented Man (1966; vt Scream and Scream Again 1967), filmed as Scream and Scream Again (1969), the latter being something of a cult classic. [JC]

"Peter Saxon"


Excluding titles by W Howard Baker and Wilfred McNeilly, who see.



individual titles

  • The Slave Brain (London: Mayflower Books, 1967) by Ross Richards [tie to the Shared World franchise: Saxon given on title page: Desmond Reid given as author on cover: Sexton Blake Library: pb/]


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