Schofield, Alfred Taylor

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(1846-1929) UK medical doctor and author whose nonfiction was divided between technical medical studies and hortatory guides to Christianity; his sf tales are Thought Experiments in the nineteenth century manner, where such narratives are more likely to teach than to explore. Travels in the Interior, or The Wonderful Adventures of Luke and Belinda: Edited by a London Physician (1887) as by Luke Theophilus Courteney carries its protagonists, shrunk to a suitable size, on a didactic expedition through a human body (see Great and Small). Another World; Or, The Fourth Dimension (1888) as A T Schofield, M D, takes its two-dimensional protagonist on a similarly educative mission from Edwin A Abbott's Flatland to even more penurious Lineland, and thence into worlds of three and four Dimensions, all in order to convey the truths of a dimension-encompassing Christianity. [JC]

see also: George S Chappell; Food Pills.

Alfred Taylor Schofield

born Rochdale, Lancashire: 1846

died Bournemouth, Dorset: 20 April 1929



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