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(1968-    ) US author, primarily of fantasy with apocalyptic and sf elements; self-identified as Trailer Boy, a reference to his upbringing in a small US logging town. His first genre story sale was "The Taking Night" in Talebones for Winter 2000; he has written over 50 short stories since collected in three volumes by Fairwood Press [see Checklist below]. He is a winner of the Writers of the Future Contest, the French Prix Imaginales, the Endeavour Award and others; he cites his major influence and support in writing as the late Jay Lake, with whom he collaborated on both stories and Anthologies.

Scholes is perhaps best known for his Psalms of Isaak series, comprising Lamentation (2009), Canticle (2009), Antiphon (2010), Requiem (2013) and Hymn (2017). This sequence is an eclectic mixture of Fantasy, Steampunk and Post-Holocaust elements, with steam-powered mechoservitors (see Robots), the Religious order of Androfrancines led by a reluctant Pope, the dashing hero Rudolfo, a devious family led by Vlad Li Tam, and Magic using prophecy and powders. Although the main Psalms of Isaak series concludes with the 2017 Hymn, further stories set in this universe may yet follow. [CL/DRL]

Ken Scholes

born Oregon: 13 January 1968




Psalms of Isaak

  • Lamentation (New York: Tor Books, 2009) [Psalms of Isaak: hb/Gregory Manchess]
  • Canticle (New York: Tor Books, 2009) [Psalms of Isaak: hb/Gregory Manchess]
  • Antiphon (New York: Tor Books, 2010) [Psalms of Isaak: hb/Chris McGrath]
  • Requiem (New York: Tor Books, 2013) [Psalms of Isaak: hb/Chris McGrath]
  • Hymn (New York: Tor Books, 2017) [Psalms of Isaak: hb/]

collections and stories

works as editor

An earlier Lake/Scholes anthology in the METAtropolis series appears to have been released only in audiobook form.


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