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1. Variant title of two FanzinesThe Alien Critic and Psychotic – edited by Richard E Geis. [PN]

2. The Science Fiction Review was the title of the first issue (March 1975) of what was known for most of its run as The Science Fiction Review (Monthly) (which see). [DRL]

3. US magazine published 1990-1992 by SFR Publications, based in Salem, Oregon and edited by Elton T Elliott. Ten letter-size issues from Spring 1990 to May 1992. Unlike the previous incarnations that used the title and of which it was a revival (see 1 and 2 above), this Science Fiction Review published fiction in every issue rather than occasionally, though reviews and other nonfiction still formed the bulk of the content. The debut issue featured Steven Barnes, Gregory Benford, Michael Bishop, Orson Scott Card, Richard E Geis, Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski. [DRL]


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