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(circa 1862-1935) Scottish journalist and author, in Australia from the 1880s until sometime before World War One, then in England. Most of his fiction is nonfantastic, though he remains best-known for The Last Lemurian: A Westralian Romance (Christmas 1896 The Golden Penny Magazine as "Tor Ymmot, Queen of Lemuria"; exp 1898), a Lost Race tale whose explorer protagonist discovers the Underground remains of Lemuria (see Theosophy) in the heart of the Australian outback. The land is inhabited by pygmies and ruled by a queen of ancient blood whose Immortality is achieved through successive Reincarnations (see She). Possessed (1912) is occult horror. [JC]

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George Firth Scott

born Golspie, County Sutherland, Scotland: circa 1862

died Horley, Surrey: 3 January 1935



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