Shagan, Steve

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(1927-2015) US screenwriter, producer and author, involved in some adaptations of Tarzan to the screen, and producer of 37 of the 57 episodes in the Television series Tarzan (1966-1968). Of some sf interest is The Formula (1979), based on his filmscript for The Formula (1980), in which contemporary oil companies attempt to destroy all evidence of the Nazi Invention in World War Two of a fuel that bypasses the need for petroleum (see Power Sources); the tale is set in car-dominated Los Angeles (see California). The Discovery (1984) climaxes in an Underground world connected to the historical Elba dig in Syria. Pillars of Fire (1990) is a Technothriller set in Germany. [JC]

Stephen H Shagan

born New York: 25 October 1927

died Los Angeles, California: 30 November 2015

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