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Working name of US author Trevor Shane Wiessmann (1976-    ) who is of sf interest for his Children of Paranoia sequence comprising Children of Paranoia (2011), Children of the Underground (2013) and Children of the Uprising (2013), set in a Near Future world where a millennia-long war between vying Secret Masters is beginning to surface, confirming the endemic Paranoia of a world already distorted into Dystopian outcomes; the protagonist of the first volume, who in his function as paid assassin for one side is revealed to be an Antihero with a heart, is succeeded by his lover in the second, as the world darkens; the tale climaxes – ruthlessly eliminating protagonists as it proceeds – in a desolate Los Angeles (see California). [JC]

Trevor Shane Wiessmann

born New Jersey: 4 April 1976




Children of Paranoia


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