Sharp, Robert George

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(1908-1987) UK author, initially of crime thrillers under his own name, two of these – The Cry from the Ether (1934) and Horror Castle (1936) – being of some genre interest. Most of his later work was relatively routine sf as by Jon J Deegan, beginning with the first of the Old Growler series, Reconnoitre Krellig II (1951), comprising a one-story issue of Authentic Science Fiction (one-story issues are treated as books in this encyclopedia); the series, which is Space Opera, follows the adventures of a three-man survey team across the galaxy. Sharp was also the author of the Corridors of Time sequence, also as by Deegan. [JC]

Robert George Sharp

born Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: 22 November 1908

died Solihull, Warwickshire: 1987


as by Jon J Deegan

Old Growler

Corridors of Time

individual titles


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