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(1907-1975) US author, author of some sf stories (some under the House Name Paul Lohrman) but now remembered almost exclusively for his hoax-like sequence of Shaver Mystery stories, presented as based on fact, published in Raymond A Palmer's Amazing Stories 1945-1947, beginning with "I Remember Lemuria" in March 1945 (see Theosophy). It brought over 2500 letters in response, and the sequence boosted Amazing's circulation though at the same time alienating many fans; the June 1947 Amazing was an all-Shaver issue. A selection of the "articles" was published as I Remember Lemuria & The Return of Sathanas (coll 1948); the Shaver Mystery sequence, beginning with The Shaver Mystery, Volume One (coll 2011), assembles similar material. Shaver continued to release the same sort of fiction/nonfiction briefly in Other Worlds (still as Palmer's protégé), and enjoyed a further comeback in Palmer's small-circulation The Hidden World in 1961. Essentially these "articles" comprise a series of messages from an Underground world and, von Däniken-like, establish a new, conspiracy-oriented, highly lurid history and Cosmology in which humans (it transpires) have long been manipulated by "deros" – short for detrimental Robots, malign Secret Masters – through various Psi Powers. Until the end of his life Shaver maintained that he genuinely believed what he wrote. [JC/PN]

see also: Hollow Earth; Paranoia; Pseudoscience; SF Magazines.

Richard Sharpe Shaver

born Berwick, Pennsylvania: 7 October 1907

died Summit, Arkansas: 5 November 1975



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