Shea, Michael

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(1938-2009) Scottish diplomat and author, press secretary to the Queen between 1978 and 1987; it has been suggested that he left this post under a cloud for having exhibited candour. His fiction – about twenty novels in all – more safely conveys his wry, politically centrist point of view. As Michael Sinclair (his given names) he wrote a Near-Future thriller in which shameless entrepreneurs manipulate international money markets, The Dollar Covenant (1973); and, under his normal full name, Tomorrow's Men (1982), a Dystopian tale of a near-future UK in the grip of private armies – the USA soon takes a hand in straightening things out. He should not be confused with the American author Michael Shea (see next entry). [JC]

Michael Sinclair MacAuslan Shea

born Carluke, Lanarkshire: 10 May 1938

died Edinburgh, Scotland: 17 October 2009



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