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Pseudonym of Belgian-born software engineer and author Boris Beizer (1934-2018), in the US from May 1941; most of his publications [not listed below] concern computer system architecture and software testing. In his novel Earth Ship and Star Song (1979) the survivors of destructive Climate Change escape from the Ruined Earth, but while developing their Faster Than Light Starship drive inadvertently create a Black Hole that destroys a solar system and its Telepathic inhabitants; humans are then hunted through space by vengeful Alien races, creating various escape and defence strategies as the millennia go by. The Medusa Conspiracy (1980) is a more conventional Technothriller, in which a Computer program named MEDUSA goes haywire. [JC/DRL]

Boris Beizer

born Brussels, Belgium: 25 June 1934

died USA: 7 October 2018



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