Sherrell, Carl

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(1929-1990) US commercial artist and, later, author whose novels are essentially fantasies, with the exception of the unremarkable The Space Prodigal (1981), a Space Opera with a haunted, roaming anti-hero (see Heroes). His fantasies are the Raum sequence – Raum (1977) and Skraelings (1987), Raum being a similar anti-hero – plus Arcane (1978) and The Curse (1989). [JC]

Carl Sherrell

born Bonner Springs, Kansas: 10 May 1929

died Kansas City, Kansas: 7 February 1990




  • Raum (New York: Avon, 1977) [Raum: pb/Stephen Fabian]
  • Skraelings (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: New Infinities Productions, 1987) [Raum: pb/]

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