Shteyngart, Gary

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(1972-    ) Russian-born author, in US since 1979; his birth-name, which he changed at an early age, was Igor Shteyngart. Of his novels two are of sf interest: Absurdistan (2006) is a gonzo Satire on post-Soviet Russia that slides into the Near Future as its flailing protagonist escapes to Absurdsvanï, where corruption reigns; Super Sad True Love Story (2010), whose satire is set slightly farther into the near future, delineates an America beset by ever-increasing low-level intimidation and Paranoia. In view of the difficulty even Americans experience attempting to enter their homeland, the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration has been renamed the American Restoration Authority. The tone throughout, though, is comic. [JC]

Gary Shteyngart

born Leningrad, USSR [now Russia]: 5 July 1972




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