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(1967-    ) US author, editor, reviewer and fan, long associated with the Sidewise Awards for Alternate-History fiction which (with Evelyn C Leeper and Robert B Schmunk) he created in 1995. His Fanzine Argentus (2001-current) has published articles by many sf notables. He edited the Beginnings sequence of three genre Anthologies showcasing the first stories by established authors of sf, Fantasy and Horror respectively: Wondrous Beginnings (anth 2003), Magical Beginnings (anth 2003) and Horrible Beginnings (anth 2003), all with Martin H Greenberg. Silver also edited Lester del Rey's Selected Short Stories of Lester del Rey (coll 2009-2010 2vols) for NESFA Press [see Checklist below]. He has published some fiction, beginning with "Les Lettres de Paston" (Fall 2008 Helix SF), but is most visible as compiler of the useful online news diary at SF Site since its launch in 1997. [DRL]

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Steven H Silver

born Hinsdale, Illinois: 19 April 1967


works as editor



Selected Short Stories of Lester del Rey


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