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(1943-    ) US author whose first genre story was "One Ordinary Day, with Box" in Generation (anth 1972) edited by David Gerrold. She was married to Stephen Goldin 1972-1982, and wrote with him The Business of Being a Writer (1982). Her debut novel Birthright (1975) speculates emotionally about distinctions between human and Android after Genetic Engineering has become a common practice. Her other work in the genre has also been romantic, including two competent Star Trek Ties, Vulcan! (1978) and Death's Angel (1981), and the separate novels Ice Prison (1976) and Witchdame (1985), the latter being an historical fantasy, which, though it seemed to presage sequels, stands alone. [PN]

Kathleen McKinny Sky

born Alhambra, California: 5 August 1943




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