Slaughter, Frank G

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(1908-2001) US medical doctor and author, who also wrote historical thrillers as by C V Terry, active from the late 1930s; many of his books were written with the silent collaboration of William DuBois (1903-1997). Of sf interest are Epidemic! (1961), in which a plague created by Communists infests New York in a Near Future 1965; and Countdown (1970), set around 1980 in space-industry Florida, with intrigues and tensions negatively affecting America's continued drive into space (President Nixon had not yet crippled NASA in 1970). Devil's Harvest (1963) and Devil's Gamble: A Novel of Demonology (1977) are horror. [JC]

Frank Gill Slaughter

born Washington, District of Columbia: 25 February 1908

died Jacksonville, Florida: 17 May 2001

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