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(1922-2000) US crossword-puzzle compiler and author, who wrote at least five gothic romances as by Delphine C Lyons, some of which were supernatural; she began publishing sf with "Tea Tray in the Sky" for Galaxy in 1952, and for about a decade published actively in the magazines; after about 1960 she appeared there only infrequently. For her crossword story "BAXBR/DAXBR" (in Time to Come, anth 1954, ed August Derleth; the two alien words should properly appear "crossed"), see Games and Sports. Selections of her short work have been assembled as Evelyn E Smith Resurrected: Selected Stories of Evelyn E Smith (coll 2010) and The Best of Evelyn E Smith: The Two Suns of Morcali and Other Stories (coll 2012).

Smith's first novel, The Perfect Planet (1962), a Satire, is set on a planet which was once a health farm and is now a Utopia run by women. Valley of Shadows (1968) as Delphine C Lyons is a fantasy. Unpopular Planet (1975) – no connection to the first book – is a comparatively ambitious work, written in a sometimes passable imitation of eighteenth-century typographical (if not stylistic) practices and presenting the memoirs, set down long after most of the events recounted, of a human from an overpopulated Dystopian Earth, whose contacts with Aliens trying to maintain the planet as a breeding-ground for humans and other species have led to picaresque adventures, some of them sexual. The Copy Shop (1985) – again an element of Satire is mildly evident – places some Extraterrestrials in New York City; they are not noticed. [JC/DRL]

see also: Colonization of Other Worlds; Women SF Writers.

Evelyn E Smith

born New York: 25 July 1922

died New York: 4 July 2000


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