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(1878-1954) US journalist, newspaper editor and author who was active with sf stories in magazines like The Argosy, where several novels appeared. Only Between Worlds (11 October-8 November 1919 Argosy Weekly; 1929), one of his weakest, reached book form; it is a semi-juvenile tale that begins on a Dystopian Venus and concludes on Earth, with female protagonists plotting to conquer the world (see Women in SF). Of more interest are "On the Brink of 2000" (January 1910 Argosy) and Treasures of Tantalus (11 December 1920-8 January 1921 Argosy All-Story Weekly as "The Treasures of Tantalus"; 2017), which feature devices to see anything happening anywhere in the world; the morality of these is discussed, though at no great length. The Flammarion-inspired "After a Million Years" (18 January-15 February 1919 Argosy) comprehends a dystopian Earth, an Edenic Jupiter, Mad Scientists, Telepathic powers, Aliens and the virtual extinction of humanity. Other magazine novels include "Thirty Years Late" (November 3-10 1928 Argosy All-Story Weekly) and "The Girl in the Moon" (18 December 1928 Argosy All-Story Weekly). Smith was a sometimes capable writer whose ideas tended to outclass his fiction. [RB]

see also: Fantastic Voyages.

Garret Smith

born New York: 17 May 1878

died 1954


  • Between Worlds (New York: Stellar Publishing Company, 1929) [chap: first appeared 11 October-8 November 1919 Argosy Weekly: pb/nonpictorial]
  • Treasures of Tantalus (Rialto, California: Fiction House Press, 2017) as by Garrett Smith [first appeared 11 December 1920-8 January 1921 Argosy All-Story Weekly: pb/Ed Emshwiller as Emsh]


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