Snegov, Sergei

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Pseudonym of Russian author Sergei Iosifovich Shtein (1910-1994), whose Posol bez Veritel'nyh Gramo (coll of linked stories 1977; trans Alex Miller as Ambassador Without Credentials 1989) describes the interstellar adventures of two sibling Scientists, Roy and Henry Vasilyev, as they confront problems couched in Thought Experiment frames, sometimes involving mysterious deaths that must be investigated, and solve them handily. The book-length title story, and most of the related shorter works, are original to the 1977 volume. He received the Russian Aelita Award in 1984. [JC]

Sergei Iosifovich Shtein

born Odessa, Russia: 20 August 1910

died 23 February 1994



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