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US Digest-size magazine, eight issues May 1952 to September 1953, published by Space Publications; edited by Lester del Rey. Space was the senior companion to Science Fiction Adventures, Rocket Stories and Fantasy Fiction. The most prolific contributor was del Rey himself, sometimes as Erik Van Lhin or Philip St John. Notable stories included T L Sherred's "Cue For Quiet" (May-July 1953) and Philip K Dick's "Second Variety" (May 1953) and "The Variable Man" (September 1953). Space also saw the revival of interest in the work of Robert E Howard with the first of the newly discovered Conan stories "The God in the Bowl" (September 1952), edited by L Sprague de Camp. The final issue began serialization of Poul Anderson's Brain Wave (September 1953 as "The Escape"; 1954), but it was not completed. All eight issues were reprinted in the UK 1952-1953, numbered but undated, published by the Archer Press, London. [BS]


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