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UK magazine, in trade paperback format. Nine numbered issues published irregularly from February 2000 to November 2002. Edited and published by Paul Fraser throughout its life, from Aberdeen #1-#4 and from Glasgow thereafter. Spectrum SF had high production standards but never made a profit, as noted in the editorial of issue #9, which announced that the schedule would henceforth be "occasional"; no further issues appeared. Cover designs for #1-#5 were predominantly plain white; from #6, full-colour sf art was used, designed by Paul Brazier. Serialized works comprised Keith Roberts's "Drek Yarman" (February-August 2000), a sequel to his Kiteworld (fixup 1985); John Christopher's Bad Dream (November 2000-July 2001; 2003); and Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archive (November 2001-November 2002; exp with 1 story as The Atrocity Archives, coll of linked stories 2004). Neal Asher, Stephen Baxter, Eric Brown, Michael Coney, Alastair Reynolds and Adam Roberts were among the contributors of short fiction. In tone it captured the best of British traditional sf, relatively untouched by the New Wave, but still contemporary and relevant. [DRL/MA]


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