Stead, C K

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(1932-    ) New Zealand poet, academic and author whose acerbic, well crafted novels have received considerable praise. Of some sf interest is his first: Smith's Dream (1971; rev 1973) depicts a tyrannical Dystopia, and a Near Future Vietnam-like conflict set in New Zealand, with an ending harshened in the revised edition; it was filmed as Sleeping Dogs (1977) (see New Zealand). My Name Was Judas (2006) verges on Alternate History, using the recollections of a non-treacherous Judas, 40 years after the death of Jesus, to demystify the Gospel account of his life, which Judas deems to be sentimentalizing and false. [JC]

Christian Karlson Stead

born Auckland, New Zealand: 17 October 1932




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