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(1955-    ) US author initially and primarily associated with her contribution to two Shared World series of Ties to the Television series The X-Files, The X-Files Young Readers Series beginning with The X-Files #4: Squeeze (1996), and The X-Files Young Adult Series beginning with The X-Files: Eve (1997) and ending with The X-Files: Haunted (2000), which is number fifteen in that overall series. These series are for the Young Adult market. Her first standalone novel, A Rumor of Gems (2005), is a contemporary fantasy for grown readers, set in an entrepot City where gods and mortals intersect. There are some romance elements. The mise en scene is vividly depicted. [JC]

Ellen Steiber

born Newark, New Jersey: 1955




The X-Files Young Readers Series

The X-Files Young Adult Series

individual titles

collections and stories

  • Fangs of Evil (New York: Random House/Bullseye Chiller, 1994) [pb/Tim Barrall]


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