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(1946-    ) Venezuelan-born (of UK parents) author, electronics design engineer and, signing himself Ames, a magazine and book illustrator; in the UK from childhood. He began publishing work of genre interest with "Holding Action" for Analog in November 1971, but then released only one more story before his first novel. In Nightwatch (1977), fortifications are constructed in space against an assumed alien Invasion which proves to be a friendly First Contact. The Wall of Years (1979; rev 1980), more typically of a UK writer, describes the destruction of coherent spacetime in the twenty-first century through the discovery (and internecine warfare among) a variety of Parallel Worlds; the main line of story follows an attempt from the twenty-sixth century to stabilize a particular Alternate History generated by this chaos, a Changewar scenario involving a sojourn in the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, Stephenson did not continue his novel-writing career, though he has published two further short stories.

His illustrations have appeared in, inter alia, Galaxy, SF Digest, Vector and the first US edition of Christopher Priest's Inverted World (1974). More recently he scripted Waterloo Sunset (April 2004-November 2005 Waterloo Sunset 4 issues; graph 2006) illustrated by Trevor Goring, a Graphic Novel set in a post-Disaster London bereft of high Technology. [JC/DRL]

see also: History in SF; Milford Science Fiction Writers' Conference; Relapse.

Andrew Michael Stephenson

born Maracaibo, Venezuela: 8 October 1946



  • Nightwatch (London: Futura Publications Ltd, 1977) [pb/Peter Jones]
  • The Wall of Years (London: Futura Publications Ltd, 1979) [pb/Brian Lewis]
  • Waterloo Sunset (Berkeley, California: Image Comics, 2006) with Trevor Goring [graph: first appeared in 4 instalments April 2004-November 2005 Waterloo Sunset: pb/Trevor Goring]


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