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(1950-    ) US Comics writer and editor, and author of three Ties to graphic works in which he had been involved: The Death and Life of Superman (1993) and Smallville: Strange Visitors (2002), both in the Smallville subsection of the Superman Universe division of the DC Comics Metaverse overseries; and Superman: The Never-Ending Battle (2005), in the Justice League of America Universe division of the DC Comics Metaverse. The Science of Superman (2005) with Mark Wolverton is nonfiction. He has also worked for Marvel Comics. Comics and Graphic Novels are not listed below. [JC]

Roger Stern

born Noblesville, Indiana: 17 September 1950




DC Comics Metaverse: Superman Universe: Smallville

DC Comics Metaverse: Justice League of America Universe


  • The Science of Superman (New York: iBooks, 2005) with Mark Wolverton [nonfiction: tie to the series universe: Superman Universe: hb/]


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