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Pseudonym of UK conspiracy theorist and author Nesta Helen Webster (1876-1960), whose early Feminism faded after World War One, when her public avowal of the essential truths contained in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (trans 1920) survived the almost immediate demonstration that they were an anti-Semitic hoax; she faded almost completely from view. She did subsequently publish a novel no less implausible as history but marginally less unattractive to contemplate. In The Secret of the Zodiac (1933), twelve members of a society based clearly on the Illuminati plan to become Secret Masters of the world, comes very close to success as the tale moves more distinctly into the Near Future; civilization almost falls at the hands of these Bolsheviks. Webster's concurrent enthusiasm for Adolf Hitler did not persist past the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939, as she despised Communism more than she loved anti-Semites. After her death, her name has become revered in some circles. [JC]

Nesta Helen Webster

born Trent Park [ie London]: 24 August 1876

died London: 16 May 1960



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