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(1872-1962) US journalist, librarian, anthologist and author, some of whose work is of some interest, including The Gloved Hand (1913), whose supernatural elements are revealed to be stage machinery, and A King in Babylon (1917), a Lost Race tale. Of more direct sf interest is The Destroyer: A Tale of International Intrigue (1913), in which a French battleship is mysteriously destroyed through the Invention of a naive Scientist, a broadcast Ray which explodes ammunition at a distance. He is traced down by Stevenson's continuing arch-criminal Antihero Crochard the Invincible, who also appears in some nonfantastic tales; the action moves to New York, where Crochard sets his secret organization to thwart further use of the Weapon, thus averting war. [JC]

Burton Egbert Stevenson

born Chillicothe, Ohio: 9 November 1872

died Chillicothe, Ohio: 13 May 1962

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