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(?   -    ) UK author who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Complex" in Interzone for January 2012. The Osiris Project sequence, comprising Osiris (2012), Cataveiro (2013) and Tamaruq (2015), is set initially in a Near Future Keep in the Bering Sea (see Under the Sea), where its inhabitants are protected from savage Climate Change. Their conviction that only they survive of all humanity leads to a suspicion that they may in fact be the inhabitants of a Generation Starship, or at least of an artefact capable of becoming one. The plot is, perhaps to its detriment, is romance-driven, generating a quest structure (one of those enamoured's twin brother has gone missing) that for some may scumble over the otherwise sharp virtues of Swift's presentation. As the series continues, decades pass, Osiris has become a rumour, and a romance-driven search is undertaken for it in conjunction with, and perhaps governed by, a mysterious message from interstellar space.

Paris Adrift (2018), though mostly set in a dislocating Paris, places the romance-driven central action through a Changewar frame; Time Travel drives the protagonist hither and yon, at the beck of others, to no certain terminus. [JC]

Emma J Swift





Osiris Project

  • Osiris (San Francisco, California: Night Shade Books, 2012) [Osiris Project: hb/Sparth]
  • Cataveiro (San Francisco, California: Night Shade Books, 2013) [Osiris Project: hb/Sparth]
  • Tamaruq (London: Del Rey, 2015) [pb/]

individual titles

  • Paris Adrift (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Solaris, 2018) [pb/Joey Hi-Fi]


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