Tabori, George

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Working name of Hungarian-born theatre director and playwright Gyorgi Tábori (1914-2007), brother of Paul Tabori, in UK from 1935, a UK citizen from 1941. He is not of direct sf interest, though his novels and plays set in World War Two, especially those dealing with the Holocaust, are so enraged and extreme in their telling that they seem fantastic; but they are not. [JC]

Gyorgi Tábori

born Budapest, Austro-Hungarian Empire [now Hungary]: 24 May 1914

died Berlin: 23 July 2007

works (highly selected)


  • The Cannibals [first performed 17 October 1968 American Place Theater, New York]
  • Jubilee [first performed 30 January 1983 Schauspielhaus Kammerspiele, Bochum, Germany]


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