Tales of the Talisman

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US low-paying downloadable and print-on-demand letter-size Semiprozine published and edited by David Lee Summers at Hadrosaur Productions, Mesilla Park, New Mexico. The magazine is a direct successor to Hadrosaur Tales and has appeared quarterly since Spring 2005. Although the title suggests fantasy and magic the magazine published stories covering the whole range of speculative fiction. Most issues contain several sf stories, usually based on a theme, and the Spring 2011 issue was a special science fiction number. Kenneth James Crist has contributed two serials: a murder mystery, "The Ganymede Murders" (September 2005-September 2006) beginning in the second issue – which had a past, present and future crime and detection theme – and "Mind Games" (March-December 2007), where people are able to use their Psi Powers to create sporting events. The low payment rates means the magazine does not attract many leading writers, although Neal Asher had a little-known early story reprinted in the first issue. Otherwise most contributors are from the central rank of Amateur Magazines with competent and capable stories. [MA]


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