Tardivel, Jules-Paul

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(1851-1905) US-born journalist and author, in Canada from about 1868, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1896; in Montreal he founded a newspaper, La Vérité, espousing Québec nationalism, and published in it his separatist Utopia, Pour la patrie: roman du xxe siècle (1895 La Vérité; 1895; trans Sheila Fischman as For my Country: An 1895 Religious and Separatist Vision of Quebec in the Mid-Twentieth Century 1975). Set in a 1945 with sketchily depicted electric trains and other sf projections involving advances in Technology and Transportation, it describes a conservative, Catholic "Laurentian Empire" which is opposed – vainly – by the forces of Satanic Freemasons. [JC]

Jules-Paul Tardivel

born Covington, Kentucky: 2 September 1851

died Québec City, Québec: 24 April 1905



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