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(1866-1921) US editor, columnist, poet and author, some of whose tales move into the fantastic, but usually to spoof targets of his mild Satire. He is most famous for his A Line o' Type or Two column for the Chicago Tribune from 1901 until his death. Of his short fiction, "The Caves of Fire" (May 1898 Black Cat) with Edward Ward describes the Invention of an electrical device which, passed through glass, is capable of viewing atoms. The Water Wagon series beginning with The Log of the Water Wagon; Or, the Cruise of the Good Ship "Lithia" (1905) with W C Gibson carries its passengers on various fantastic adventures spoofing the temperance movement. [JC]

Bert Leston Taylor

born Goshen, Massachusetts: 13 November 1866

died Chicago, Illinois: 19 March 1921

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