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Working name of UK author Adrian Czajkowski (1972-    ) who until recently has been best known for his long fantasy series, the Shadows of the Apt sequence beginning with Empire in Black and Gold (2008). The epic fantasy appearance of the series is modified, though not entirely transformed, by the fact that all the races in the long unfolding tale are insectile, or have at the very least insect-like characteristics, which intuitively befits the Steampunk aura of some of the worldbuilding.

Tchaikovsky is of notable sf interest for Children of Time (2015), set in a Far Future universe in which the home planet Earth is dying, though soon left. The story traces a colonizing expedition to neighbouring star systems, at least one of which provides a too-convenient pre-Terraformed planet, apparently available for the taking. Space Opera action, and hints of a devious Forerunner civilization, fuel the remainder of the tale, which seems set for sequels. Children of Time won the Arthur C Clarke Award. Also of direct sf interest is Ironclads (2017), an example of class-conscious Military SF; in an impoverished Near Future UK, a soldier must attempt to rescue an elite officer, who has been accustomed to ride within his apparently invulnerable Mecha – not available to the lower orders – and to be able to think of War as a game played in the shambles of post-Brexit Britain. [JC]

see also: The Afterblight Chronicles.

Adrian Czajkowski

born Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire: 1972




Shadows of the Apt

Tales of the Apt

  • Spoils of War (Alconbury Weston, Cambridgeshire: NewCon Press, 2016) [coll: Tales of the Apt: hb/Jon Sullivan]
  • A Time for Grief (Alconbury Weston, Cambridgeshire: NewCon Press, 2016) [coll: Tales of the Apt: hb/Jon Sullivan]

Echoes of the Fall

individual titles


  • Feast and Famine (Alconbury Weston, Cambridgeshire: Newcon Press, 2013) [coll: in the publisher's Imaginings series: hb/Jim Burns]


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