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(1942-    ) UK illustrator and author, in Australia from 1995; of his very numerous books, many of them for younger children, he is of sf interest for the Young Adult Future Eden sequence beginning with Future Eden: A Brief History of Next Time (1999), which is set in a severely depopulated Ruined Earth world about 200 years hence. The solitary young protagonist, who lives a hardscrabble existence in an almost entirely abandoned City, meets a chicken named Ethel who turns out to be an Alien, member of a Forerunner species and herself responsible for botching the task of creating Homo sapiens; her mission (see Uplift) is to ensure the survival (and improvement) of the species. The tale is itself picaresque, with perhaps more attempts at humour than its backstory quite warrants. Space: The Final Effrontery (2005) continues in a similar vein. [JC]

Colin Thompson

born London: 18 October 1942


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